Our Custom Softwares

A complete online marketing and shopping suite that enables you to:
  • give your customers a complete online shopping experience
  • generate dynamic product display based on customer's preference
  • allow your clients have a wish list
  • log your shopper's profile and preference

HR Management System that helps you manage everything about human resource in your organisation. From job advert to the day-to-day staff management. HRclone has the following features;
  • Talent/ Human Resource need definition
  • Applicants easy experience front end for job advert and accepting of applications

Inventory/Asset Management System, that helps you to:
  • Automate your inventory/asset management process
  • Quick and up-to-date status information on all orders, sales, usage and movement of all goods, equipments and products

Especially suited for contract staff management companies, Conxemp helps you Manage your outsourced staff;
  • Create and Manage Individual, Multiple and Grouped staff profiles
  • Assign allowances to each staff based on your defined criteria
  • Create/Edit Proforma Invoices

Coorpage easily helps in managing your cooperative society, starting from sourcing for membership, to administering loans, dividends, and sales. Coorpage has the following features;
  • Create profiles for different categories of membersip
  • Send/Manage invitation for..

smsValds is a very reliable and affordable Bulk SMS suite. Its delivery across the globe is very fast. It can be used either to resell SMS or to manage own SMS mass SMS projects . The feature includes;
  • Easily compose and send/save (as draft) SMS messages
  • View sent messages