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Useful questions and answers

1How to Pay
* Bank Payment (provide bank details) * Pay online (MasterCard, Visa, Verve) * Self-care ( log in with username and password)
2Coverage Areas
Our Network coverage areas include the Port Harcourt Metropolis and its environs and the Yenegoa Metropolis and its environs.
3What to do if internet is not working
1. Ensure that the PoE is connected to the power supply. 2. Ensure that all network cables are properly connected to the router and the PoE. 3. Ensure that your payment subscription is up to date. 4. Ensure that your login details (username and password) are typed in correctly.
4Does the weather affect the internet?
No, we provide a fixed wireless broadband internet service that cannot be affected by weather conditions.
5Are there data caps on SME plans?
No. All our plans are unlimited. You are guaranteed access to the internet 24 hours a day, 7days a week and 30 days for 1 month.
6Can I get installation done in one day?
Yes. This depends on technical staff availability and the time of payment.
7What equipment do I need to subscribe to Smartcity Internet?
1. A set of Microwave Radio (M5) 2. A Router ( and a Switch where LAN is involved) 3. Networking accessories- Network Cables, Mast/Poles where needed.